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5 Ways to Improve your Customer Service TODAY...

A few weeks ago I went to the garage with my car for a checkup. Oil changed, filters changed, new wipers etc… just a regular checkup. I got a courtesy car for the day so all good fun.

Whilst driving the courtesy car I started to think that it could actually be a good replacement for our own car; we are actually looking for an ´in between car´ because we are driving long distances each year – around 60,000 km and the depreciation on a new car makes them really expensive...

In the afternoon I received the call telling me that my car was finished. So when I got back to the Garage I asked them if the courtesy car was for sale…

They were, but I had to ask the sales manager in the show room…

No problem, so I went to the show room to the office of the Sales Manager.

As I stepped into the Sales Office, he looked up and then down and simply got back to working on his papers.

After a few minutes he looked up again and asked if he could help me still with the papers in his hand. 

He didn’t even stand up, shake hands, and offer me a coffee or even a simple smile…

I explained that I was interested in buying the Courtesy car, and had been referred to him for further information…

The answer was ´yes we sell it´; Nothing more nothing less.

Ok, we were making progress, he was selling the car. So I asked what the car would cost if I wanted to buy it.

The answer… ´I don´t know, maybe this, this or this amount´.

Ok, at least I’d got an indication what he was looking for, so I asked him if he could tell me exactly what he was looking for in exchange for the car…

The answer… ´but then I have to go outside and have a look at it´.  Uhh… duhuuu….

So we went outside to the car, he walked once around it and gave me a price.

As there were two marks on the car, I asked if they would be fixed; Perfectly normal question to ask I thought.

Apparently it wasn´t… ´Off course not, this will cost me a lot of money to fix, we have to do a lot of things already on the car, etc… etc…´  Sorry I asked!!!

He really gave me the feeling that he was doing me a big favour allowing me to buy the car from him.


Did I buy the car? Off course not !!!


With the guys who did the checkup it’s a totally different story. Always polite, little chat, asking how I am doing, really giving me the feeling that I am the client and that they are happy having me as client.

As I am always early for appointments, the garage was still closed when I arrived. But seeing me standing outside, they simply opened the door earlier to let me in offering me a drink.

Now that´s the customer service I really like.


Unfortunately I hear a lot of stories about the lack of customer services at companies, and it’s really affecting their Sales and Profits…

There is so much to be improved and itcan be done so easily.

And sure, there are always clients, no matter how nice you are to them, who will be never satisfied.

Well… those aren´t the clients you are looking for anyway J


So, a simple top 5 how to improve Customer Services…


     1.Give your clients or prospect clients always the feeling that they are special and that you need them instead of the other way around. Because you need them for your business, they could always go to your competitor.

     2. Contact your customers from time to time. If you don´t hear something from your customers for a while, just give them a call or send an email just to say hi and ask how they are doing. You could also send a birthday card, season greetings, etc. Just to let you know you didn´t forget them and letting them know you are here as well for them.

     3. One of the easiest ways of improving Customer Services is asking your clients what can be improved in their experience. This information is worth gold for your company. Analyze the experience and see where your Customer Services can be improved.

     4. Involve your employees in improving your Customer Services. They do know when the clients are happy or unsatisfied. Ask your employees what they think can be improved.

     5. Only promise what you can deliver. Some companies make the mistake to promise more than they actually can deliver.

     6. Over deliver. Give your customers more than they expect. This will make your customers happy and they will tell it further to other people who might be your future clients.


Pretty easy to do this for your company isn´t it…?  I thought so.

And this is just one of the processes within a company where you can improve your business pretty easily. You will definitively get more clients and keep your current clients with good customer services.

This is where we come in – we are here to help you and your team develop your Customer Service levels so that you Clients love you and tell everyone how great you are – great for Sales, Profits and Team Spirit too…

If you would like to improve your business on all fronts, just have a look at The PEP Talk Program.

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