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Are our Big Data Solutions for You?

You’ve probably heard of Big Data. It has entered the language of business and is quoted in Blogs, Websites, and Articles; the challenge is that very few people actually know what it means.

This is where we come in, simplifying the jargon and adding value to your business through the practical application of proven solutions. First let’s explain what Big Data is, how it works, and what benefits you should expect to experience as a consequence of implementing one of our Big Data Solutions.

Big Data Is…

In a nutshell, Big Data is a term applied to any collection of information that is so large that it is difficult or meaningless to process and analyze using traditional data processing applications.

It is the technology to analyze and use all the data and information that your company produces from a variety of sources including Accounting, Marketing, Production and Distribution. It is information regarding Productivity, Efficiency and Performance in all areas.

Big Data Solutions simply enable you to collate and analyze all this information in a way specific to your business processes such that tangible improvements, benefits and results can be achieved.

We take all the information available and through our Big Data Solutions, enable you to take control of your business and operations in a way that simply wasn’t possible before – if you can measure it you can manage it.

Ask any Big Data expert to define the subject and they´ll quite likely start talking about:

The Three V´s - Volume, Velocity and Variety

In short, it´s a lot of data produced very quickly in many different forms. This could involve customer transaction histories, production databases, web traffic logs, online videos, social media interactions etc.

In 2013 Veracity, Variability, Visualization and Value where added to the three V´s.

How does Big Data work?

How does it work is quite an open question and really it depends on the technology used and what you want to achieve through the use of Big Data. Big Data is a term applied to data which does not conform to the normal structure of a traditional database. Big Data Solutions consist of different types of technologies working together to achieve the end goal: extracting value from data that would have been previously considered "dead".

What are the Benefits of Big Data for my Company?

In short the benefits include:

More accurate data.

Improved business decisions

Improved marketing strategy and targeting

Increased revenues and decreased costs

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