Cloud Computing

More and more organizations are stepping into the cloud. A development that is driven by the increase in mobile working, the ever improving accessibility to the internet and the explosive growth of the amount of data. Reasons for the cloud are the benefits that can be realized in terms of cost savings and productivity gains. AliaVita Engineering specializes in cloud solutions, can advise and support you with setting up the cloud environment of your company.

What is Cloud Computing?

With Cloud Computing the ICT of your company is not running on a local server within your company, but are infrastructure and/or applications as a service over the Internet. With Cloud Computing, an organisation doesn't need to have servers and applications to maintain themselves. Hardware, software and data are on remote servers in a data center. It is possible for Cloud applications to integrate with your existing IT environment, so that applications can work together with in-house applications in the cloud. Cloud doesn’t mean that your entire ICT has to be in the Cloud.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS is the perfect solution to use certain applications in the Cloud. SaaS is based on a subscription form via the internet to provide you with the applications needed for your company. Advantage of SaaS is that the provider of the SaaS provides you with the availability of the application including updates, maintenance and backups. An example of a SaaS solutions is Office 365 and Dynamics CRM. You are able to subscribe, pay per month per user and add/remove users directly resulting in cost savings for your company.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

There are also other types of cloud computing possible. With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) one or more servers will be available using virtualisation for storing data and your own applications.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

With Platform as a Services the infrastructure contains extra services which make it possible to run and develop applications directly

Private Cloud & Public Cloud

With Private Cloud the environment (cloud infrastructure on the server) will have been set up for a single organisation. At a Public Cloud the cloud infrastructure will be used by several companies.

The advantage for Private Cloud is that you (as the user) do have the full control over data, security and quality of the service. With Public Cloud the services are shared with the different customers where the supplier must ensure the capacity to guarantee a good performance. The advantage is that companies don’t need to invest in hardware resources (no maintenance costs), and the ability to add users and extend capacity to what they are using.

The next step

The number of companies using cloud is increasing fast. Because of this the large suppliers have marked Cloud Computing as an important environment where they are investing a lot in the infrastructure. Microsoft has, with Windows Azure, set up a worldwide cloud platform which any company can use.

Besides this Microsoft has also a large number of online solutions available for your company like Office 365, Dynamics CRM and Windows Intune.

When you are considering going into the cloud, we recommend you pay attention to the Service Level Agreement (SLA). In this agreement you will find the terms of the supplier regarding guarantees, privacy and ownership of data.

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