Welcome to the PEP Talk Program

The Business Improvement Program to Improve the Productivity, Efficiency & Profitability of Your Company.

The PEP Talk Program

Hi and Welcome to the PEP Talk Program,

The unique Business Development Program designed to do just one thing: help you Improve Your Business Results. In our experience, most people in business have challenges with one of three things... Time, Team or Money, and sometimes a combination of all three…

These issues show up in a variety of ways including reduced Productivity, Efficiency and ultimately Profitability. That’s where the PEP talk Program comes in. We look at the fundamental aspects of your business with a clear focus on improving all three of them. The PEP talk Program is simply about helping you improve your Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability.

How does it work?

We are specialists in systems, technology and innovation – our PEP talk Program enables us to work with you to analyse, advise and implement improvements such that your business simply achieves more.

We employ a 7 step approach to improve the Productivity, Efficiency & Profitability of Your Business.


The Questionnaire

To start with, we’ll invite you to complete our simple Questionnaire – this is just to give us an overview of the challenges and opportunities that you are facing. It also helps us research, prepare and develop strategies and tactics that are designed specifically around your company – all our PEP talk Programs are unique and designed around the needs of our clients.

When we have all the information and have completed our preparation we’ll arrange a time to meet and discuss our thoughts.


The First Meetup

During the meeting we’ll discuss in more detail how we can help, and begin ironing out the details of how we can work together, getting a clear understanding of the goals, aims and objectives you’d like us to help you to achieve.

If we both believe that there is value in working together, we’ll propose to undertake a detailed analysis of your business such that your PEP talk Program can be designed in detail. This Analysis will be carried out by our team and, whilst it may take a little time, it will enable us to get a clear picture of exactly how and where any benefits and improvements can be made.


The Analysis

Our team will undertake the investigation and analysis of your business, this will include perhaps meeting with you and your team, looking in detail at your systems, processes and procedures, in order to identify where improvements can be made.

All of our work is 100% confidential and we guarantee discretion in all that we do.


Designing your Program

Once the Analysis has been complete, we will present you with our findings, with a detailed report complete with our proposed PEP talk Program structure that will enable you to achieve the results you need. At this meeting we’ll agree on the timescales and of course the investment levels for you – all of our prices are fixed so you’ll get no surprises. In fact we expect that our services will actually be FREE to you once PEP talk Program has been fully implemented, because your savings and improvements will likely outweigh the initial investment.


Implementation of the Improvements

This is where we get started – working with you and your team to implement the agreed stages of your PEP talk Program. This may include changing systems, software, IT infrastructure or simply how work is prioritized and managed – all in accordance with the plan designed for you.


Monitoring the Improvements

Once the changes have been made, we’ll stay with you to make sure that you are getting value, and that the benefits are showing where they were expected to.

We’ll help you monitor progress and performance and work with you and your team to make sure you achieve the benefits anticipated.


The Evaluation of the Improvements

Finally, to wrap up the initial stages of your PEP talk Program, we’ll arrange a time to meet and evaluate the improvements made, the targets achieved and the benefits derived. If there are any further steps we can help with, or if we are able to support the business in other ways, then of course we can look at those options too.

We are in the business of developing long term, profitable relationships with our clients; we look forward to hearing from you and working with you accordingly.

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